BFK458 Failsafe Brake


BFK458 is the replacement for the Lenze 14.448 and is 100% interchangeable.

CFI offers extensive inventory for immediate shipment. Contact us for application assistance.

The BFK458 spring-applied brake is a standard stock product that can be used anywhere. Its flexible, modular design means it can also be used for special applications. Challenge us with your application!


  • Braking torque: 1,5-600 Nm (13 – 5,300 in/lbs)
  • 9 sizes in CSA-CUS design
  • DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V
  • Thermal class F (155 °C)
  • Preset air gap (allows for easy mounting)
  • Braking torque can be reduced (module E)
  • Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear
  • Manual release facilities for all sizes
  • Air gap and wear monitoring (optional)

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BFK458 Failsafe Brakes w/ spare rotor

pdf BFK458 Product Literature

pdf BFK458 Operating Instructions

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